• Air Pollution Control (APC)
  • Water & Chemical Storage Process Tank
  • Dilution Tank
  • FRP Ducting, Damper, Pipes & Fittings
  • FRP Fan Impeller & Casing Fabrication
  • Custom FRP Products

We specialised In
Air Pollution Control Systems Such As Scrubbers & Activated Carbon
Industrial and Commercial Odour Control
Chemical Dosing Systems
Ventilation and Exhaust Systems
Water and Chemical Storage Tanks
Process Equipment Manufacturing Such As Stack & Clarifier
FRP Pipe, Ducting & Fittings
FRP Corrosion-Proof Lining For Concrete & Steel Surface
Other FRP Products and GRP-Moulded Products
Off-Road Diesel Engine Emissions Control
We are a BCA-Registered Contractor

Our production facility at Rawang, KL

Our production facility at J.B., Johor