• Air Pollution Control (APC)
  • Water & Chemical Storage Process Tank
  • Dilution Tank
  • FRP Ducting, Damper, Pipes & Fittings
  • FRP Fan Impeller & Casing Fabrication
  • Custom FRP Products


(With effect from 1 July 2012, all off-road diesel engines to be imported for use in Singapore are to comply with the EU Stage II, US Tier II or Japan Tier I off-road diesel engine emission standards. It is an offence under the Environmental Protection and Management (Off-Road Diesel Engine Emissions) Regulations for any person to use off-road diesel engines imported into Singapore on or after 1 July 2012 if they do not comply with the stipulated emission standards) - Information from NEA Website

Air Pollution Control (APC)

We offer APC solutions through the use of Scrubber Systems, Activated Carbon Filters and Exhaust / Ventilating Systems for various industries which are required by their processes, by laws or by company policies to offer protection for the environment.

All our scrubber and activated carbon systems are designed by our team of experienced engineers / managers who have years of experience behind them. The scrubbers and carbon filters are manufactured in-house, thus leading to tighter QC, better control in lead time and lower costs, all of which are added values passed to our customers.

We also provide consultation to clients on Air Pollution Control for their business needs. A formal proposal can be provided as well.

As an APC specialist, we offer the best possible economic solutions and viable options for all your APC needs such as fume, acidic & alkaline gas and particulate controls.

We are also an OEM manufacturer for scrubber vessels, chemical tanks and carbon filter vessels which are commonly used in APC applications for both local and overseas APC suppliers.

Our APC Products:

  • Horizontal Cross-Flow Scrubber System
  • Vertical Countercurrent Scrubber System
  • Mini Scrubber Suitable for Cleanroom and Laboratory Operations
  • Activated Carbon Filter System
  • Exhaust and Ventilating System
  • Dosing System

Water & Chemical Storage Process Tank

We design and fabricate all sizes of standard or customised water tank as well as chemical tank for all applications.

Our modular FRP panel design water tank is conformed to Singapore Standard SS245:1995 and is certified by The Standard Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM). It offers greater flexibility for installation, light weight, rust free (improves sanitation) and longer service life as compared to the conventional stainless steel tank construction. We have obtained the Malaysia SPAN product registration approval for panel and one-piece construction (G-CISTERN) FRP tanks up to 500,000 litres and 100,000 litres respectively.

We have years of experience in process tank manufacturing, especially for tanks containing highly corrosive chemical that requires careful design, material selection and construction. We also provide OEM manufacture for many process equipments, such as FRP clarifier, underground tank for sewerage treatment plant, FRP diesel tank, sludge tank and FRP silo.

In year 2010, we manufactured 4 units of FRP chemical storage tanks for FeCl3 with capacity of 140 m3 each.

Dilution Tank

From the design & fabrication to tank & piping installation at site, we offer turn-key solutions to your wastewater dilution needs. Our dilution tanks are suitable for laboratories where they are installed below lab benches and sinks for local dilution before channelling to the main drain.

Our FRP constructed dilution tanks can be custom designed to suit site requirements where space might be a concern. All our dilution tanks come with internal baffle plates for longer retention time and removable top cover for easy maintenance.

FRP Ducting, Damper, Pipes & Fittings

We design and fabricate all sizes of standard or customised Plastic / FRP ductings, volume / check dampers, pipings and fittings that meet your requirements.

Construction choices for hand lay or filament winding are all available. Other corrosion resistant materials of construction are also available upon request.

FRP Fan Impeller & Casing Fabrication

FRP Pollution Engineering is a one-stop Fibreglass Fabricator that offers fabrication for OEM FRP products such as FRP Fan Impeller & Casing.

Custom FRP Products

FRP Pollution Engineering also fabricate miscellaneous and custom FRP Products such as:

FRP Silencer, FRP Fire Extinguisher Box, FRP Marine Buoy, FRP Fish Tank, FRP Pump Strainer, Etc.

Exhaust & Ventilation System

Whether just the fan alone or the design and supply of exhaust / ventilation system, we have the expertise to assist you in your requirement.

We have exhaust and ventilation fans for a wide range of capacities and static pressures available.

Contact us for more details.

FRP Lining

We also provide professional FRP linings for tanks, sumps, floorings and other process areas where corrosion-resistant property is required.

Our trained staff can cover up to 20 m2 per day depending on the number of layers required and other conditions.

Quadt Chemical Immersion Pumps

Quadt Chemical Immersion Pumps TP Series are suitable for the handling of aggressive, down-viscous liquids such as acids, caustic solutions, solvent, sea water, demineralised water and many more.

The operational areas are in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile and leather industries, glass and ceramic industry, iron-producing and - processing industry, environmental protection plants such as drinking and industrial water preparation, waste water purification and air pollution control.

Applications are feed pumps, recirculation pumps, filtration pumps and discharge pumps.

They are suitable to run dry without any liquid and are insensitive to liquids containing solids, since there are no bearings or seal elements within the liquid area. They are used in situations where conventional materials only yield a short working life at high corrosive stress.

All materials that come in contact with the liquid are made of high quality thermoplastic plastics. As standard the pumps are made of Polypropylene (PP). The maximum working temperature is +80°C. Higher temperatures are possible on request.

Construction details:
  • Able to run dry, no bearings or seal elements within the liquid area - long working life
  • Sealing of the shaft against aggressive vapours with maintenance free lip seal
  • No special drive motors needed
Performance range:
  • 8 Sizes with flexible Impeller diameters
  • Motor power up to 34.5 kW
  • Flow rates up to 280 m³/h
  • Total head up to 32 m
  • Immersion depths up to 1500 mm


RYPOS Active Diesel Particulate Filters (ADPFs)

Rypos is a leading technology provider innovating the future of clean air through intelligent emissions' reduction solutions built on the company's patented electrically self-regenerating filters and proprietary catalytic reduction systems.

The modular construction of Rypos systems gives you the ability to adapt the configuration to any installation requirement and incremental capacity, along with the lowest maintenance making Rypos the most scalable and flexible emission controls system available on the market.

Available in cylindrical, "flat-pack" and modular designs, Rypos' compact ADPF technology is the most intelligent, scalable and flexible diesel particulate filter on the market. The Rypos ADPF utilizes smart monitoring systems that predict when the filter will need cleaning and initiates an electrical regeneration cycle before the engine is stressed by high back pressure.

  • Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes (RTG) in container terminals and port operations
  • Prime and standby generators
  • Generator sets in data centres, hospitals, military, etc
  • Other Mission Critical Facilities
The Rypos ADPF Advantages:
  • Intelligent microprocessor control
  • High filter efficiency
  • Active filter regeneration independent of exhaust temperatures
  • Low maintenance, durable, lowest cost of ownership
  • Low back pressure maximizes engine performance
  • Total particulate matter reduction to 95% +
  • Reduces hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and NO2
  • Energy efficient, less than 1% fuel penalty
  • Deployed in severe environments for over 10 years with success
  • CARB Level 3+ Verified